Container Native Application Protection

Unify DevOps and SecOps with complete visibility and control of containerized applications. By using the industry’s first embedded security approach, we solve these three key challenges for organizations:

Accurate Insight
into container images

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Adaptive Analysis
of running containers

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Automated Enforcement
of container behavior

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“Red Hat is happy to work with Layered Insight to bring customers developing container-based applications with Red Hat OpenShift even more choice for runtime protection at the container level.”

– Chris Morgan, Technical Director, Red Hat OpenShift Ecosystem

“I am amazed to see how Layered Insight can provide deep visibility inside the containers without requiring any root privileges or kernel modifications – making it truly a simple, agile and portable solution.”

– GM and Chief Architect, Fortune 100 Telecom Company

“Layered Insight container security solution satisfied all of our data protection requirements for cloud to edge use cases, without imposing any changes or requirements on our infrastructure stack.”

– Senior Director, Cybersecurity, Fortune 15 Industrial Company

“Layered insights seamlessly embeds SecOps into your CI/CD pipeline.”

– James Ford, Chief Architect, ADP

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