Container Native Application Protection

Unify DevOps and SecOps with complete visibility and control of containerized applications. By using the industry’s first embedded security approach, we solve these three key challenges for organizations:

Accurate Insight
into container images

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Adaptive Analysis
of running containers

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Automated Enforcement
of container behavior

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“With over 232 million visitors a month, viewing over 10 billion pages across 35+ digital businesses, we needed a security solution that could scale with our container application roll-out.  By embedding Layered Insight into our container applications as part of the DevOps process, we did not have to slow down application development for security.”

– Swapnil Shrivastav, Chief Technology Officer, AdTech and Colombia, at Times Internet


“When virtualization came on to the scene, it took some time for everyone to realize that we must secure and protect our VM workloads just as we did our physical servers. Now with the proliferation of containers in our environments, it’s incumbent on us to also secure our container workloads. Layered Insight provides a unique, no-touch approach to protecting container workloads without introducing other risks in the environment.”

– Al Ghous, Senior Director, Cyber Security, GE Digital


“As the world’s leading source of news and information for professional markets, we have a highly distributed and diverse IT environment.  Our security solutions need to allow us freedom of choice, as we constantly update our underlying infrastructure. By embedding security within the container, Layered Insight’s approach allows us that freedom of choice for our next generation applications.”

– Tim McKnight, CISO at Thomson Reuters


“Security with low friction and low cognitive load wins in a software defined world.  If your capabilities create development drag and restricts deploy – you and those you protect will lose. Layered Insight’s security model targets this reality with a “deploy fast anywhere” intent.”

– Richard Seiersen, CISO at Lending Club


“Layered insights seamlessly embeds SecOps into your CI/CD pipeline.”

– James Ford, Chief Architect, ADP

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Awards and Recognition

Startup of the Year
Founded in 2016 | 11 – 99 Employees

Top 10 Enterprise Security Startups – 2018

Startup of the Year
Founded in 2016 | 11 – 99 Employees