Industry’s First Embedded Security Approach

By embedding security within the container itself, Container Native Application Protectionsolves the three key challenges facing both DevOps and SecOps:

Accurate Insight
into container images

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Adaptive Analysis
of running containers

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Automated Enforcement
of container behavior

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Accurate Insight
into Container Images

Solving Your Key Container Security & Compliance Challenges

Understanding the Software Composition of a Container Image
Identifying Vulnerabilities within Software Libraries
Enforcing Security and Compliance of Container Images

Adaptive Analysis of
Running Containers

Solving Your Key Runtime Container Analysis Challenges

Monitoring Container Activity
Understanding Container and Microservice Connectivity
Building Activity and Behavior Profiles

Automated Enforcement of
Container Behavior

Solving Your Key Runtime Container Protection Challenges

Identifying Normal Behavior of Running Containers
Building Activity and Behavior Policies
Automating Protection of Running Containers