Understanding Container Activity

Deep visibility dashboard for a container

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Runtime Container Activity

Deep, runtime analysis into all activities, including network, input/output and application layers, within the container

Container and Microservices Communication and Connectivity

Automatic creation of intra and inter-container interaction topologies to visualize communication and connectivity of containers and microservices

Activity and Behavior Profiles

Automatic, and continuous, creation of activity and behavioral profiles for each container, establishing normal baselines with the industry’s lowest false positive/negative rates


Zero-Touch, Seamless Integration

No impact to the existing build, continuous integration, or continuous deployment pipelines by integrating with your existing tools

Infinite Portability

No dependency on the underlying infrastructure, as it supports all container registries, engines, orchestrators, and orchestration platforms across any environment, cloud or on-premise

Elastic Scalability

Embedded instrumentation moves with the containers, providing unparalleled scalability for superior real-time, continuous monitoring across all containers and microservices