About Us

Layered Insight, the pioneer and global leader in Container Native Application Protection, enables organizations to unify DevOps and SecOps by providing complete visibility and control of containerized applications.

Using the industry’s first embedded security approach, Layered Insight solves the challenges of container performance and protection by providing accurate insight into container images, adaptive analysis of running containers, and automated enforcement of the container environment.

Balance the speed and agility of Devops with the security and compliance of SecOps.  To learn more, request a demo or contact us at [email protected].


Executive Team
Sachin Aggarwal

Founder &
Chief Executive Officer

Asif Awan

Founder &
Chief Technology Officer

John Kinsella

Founder &
Chief Product Officer

Matt Alderman

Chief Strategy &
Marketing Officer

Frank Kim

Founder and CEO, ThinkSec

James Ford
Chief Architect, ADP

Banjot Chanana
Head of Product Management, Docker


Come work with us.  We’re looking for great people to join our growing team.

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