As it always happens with any new technology that starts becoming popular, two questions start getting asked: visibility into details of what the new technology is doing, and once the visibility is provided, the need to be able to control certain aspects of that technology. In 2015, as Docker’s approach to containerizing applications was catching on, given our background in security and monitoring, we knew that sooner than later those two questions will be asked by those considering the new approach seriously. Hence, we embarked on the journey of Layered insight — with the vision to build a deep visibility and protection solution for applications that are built and deployed using the new technology.

Digging deeper into this disruptive trend of containerization, we learned that the new approach to bundling and deploying applications was also leading to enterprises considering ‘Immutable Infrastructure’ — since everything an application needed for its lifetime was all bundled with it, leading to a very minimal dependency on the underlying infrastructure, hence the infrastructure could be treated as immutable. The other trend spurred by containerization is that the business owners don’t have to worry about the infrastructure, more so when the infrastructure management responsibility is anyways offloaded to a public cloud service provider. These two related trends helped up refine the vision for our solution. The visibility and protection solution had to be application-centric, infrastructure and container-stack agnostic, and shouldn’t require any assistance (in the form of elevated privileges) from the underlying infrastructure; while supporting the legacy, brown-field and new applications with equal ease.

The unique solution approach found quick and strong believers in industry experts, potential customers and our industry peers from the past lives. And, as they say, the rest is history — in our own small way.

Every entrepreneur starts their startup journey with the vision of building a very successful business, while delighting the customers with solutions that uniquely address the pain points. As the business opportunity opened up tremendously in 2018, we started getting approached by companies in the platform and security domains that took notice. We were presented with the dilemma of continuing to build our business in an organic way or putting our solution on a rocketship that would supercharge the acceleration of our dreams of having our solution be used by millions of users. It wasn’t an easy decision, but we chose the latter, and picked Qualys given their 10,000+ customers in the cybersecurity space.

We express our deepest gratitude to everyone who believed in us and in the business idea. We especially thank our families for their constant support, our investors for believing in us with their hard-earned money, and of course our customers without who there won’t be any business. This is just the end of the first phase of our journey, and we are very excited and eagerly looking forward to next phase, with Qualys.

Thank you!

-Asif, Sachin & John