Layered Insight will be at ContainerCon 2016 in Toronto next week. John Kinsella, co-founder and CTO, will be speaking on a couple of interesting container security topics –

If you are attending the conference and are interested in security, you will find John’s talks very educational.

Our mission is to develop advanced technology to secure the container ecosystem. At the event, I’ll be looking to get a read of the pulse of this fast-evolving sector, and to gauge for myself where in the container adoption curve we are. Some of the questions on my mind:

  • Which industries are containerizing their existing applications faster than others?
  • Which industries are creating new containerized applications?
  • Which domains and types of applications are re-architecting their applications with microservices?
  • Which industries and enterprises prefer running their applications in native containers (those running on the host OS) versus those that prefer to run containers within virtual machines?
  • Are the existing private cloud applications getting containerized faster than their public cloud counterparts?

From a security perspective, I look forward to the discussions or talks on the following topics:

  • Adoption of native Container-as-a-Service (CaaS) offerings, such as Carina from Rackspace
  • Security concerns around the adoption of native CaaS
  • Limitations and challenges of using containers within virtual machines
  • Container isolation: what are security experts looking for?
  • Monitoring and analytics of container behavior
  • How existing VM-based security solutions are being applied to containers
  • Runtime container integrity protection

I’ll report back with a follow-up blog, once we get back to base. In the meantime, contact me at asif [at] layeredinsight [dot] com if you’d like to meet at the show.