Deep visibility dashboard for a container


  • Deep runtime visibility into every aspect of the code running in a container
  • Full coverage of every activity, along the dimensions of network, I/O and in every layer of the application tier, within the container
  • Complete support for syscalls, Java, PHP, Python and Go calls
  • Automatically created intra and inter application container interaction topologies
  • No dependency on the underlying container infrastructure or on container lifecycle management and orchestration
  • Automatically created behavioral template/baseline for each container, and for the entire application, using the deep visibility information
  • Baked-in visibility moves with the containers
  • Works seemlessly for public, hybrid and private cloud containerized applications
  • Zero touch to developers and Dev/SecOps
  • Tightly integrated with PaaS platforms such as RedHat OpenShift and VMware vSphere Integrated Containers
  • All features available through RESTful APIs

Deep runtime visibility across network, I/O and application layers

Enterprise and application level visibility dashboards


  • Unparalleled visibility into containerized applications for superior monitoring and accurate security decisions
  • Deep visibility information could be fed into existing threat intelligence infrastructure for better security monitoring
  • Complement the existing network monitoring by enabling only the I/O and application tier visibility for significantly reducing false positive and false negatives
  • Behavioral template/baseline could be used as a manifest for sandboxing container activities or that of the entire application, using existing enforcement mechanisms
  • Network dimension of behavioral template could be used to automatically enforce network segmentation for containers
  • I/O dimension of behavioral template could be used to analyze if all the at-rest and in-transit data protection policies are applied to each container
  • Deep container and application level visibility logs could be used for forensic analysis
  • Easily integrate deep container and application visibility into existing single-pane-of-glass through RESTful API
  • Zero impact to developers and Dev/SecOps
  • No changes required to the existing CI/CD pipeline and the PaaS workflows for container lifecycle management

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