Activity dashboard for all the containerized applications


  • TensorFlow and Apache Sparks driven Deep Learning stack
  • The best multi-dimensional and multi-layered contextual information, from within the containers, is used to automatically create a rich container and application behavioral template
  • Intelligent application of delta behavioral templates, for new application features or changes, to behavior baselines
  • Learning from different running instances of the same containerized application, across different enterprises, is continuously applied to enhance the behavioral template and the corresponding security policy template
  • Behavioral template, and also the security policy template, for a particular dimension — of network or I/O — could be used derived from the overall behavioral template for the application or an individual container
  • Behavior anomaly detection for applications and also for individual containers, with industry’s lowest false positives and false negatives
  • Rich application context from the various tiers of an application is used for anomaly detection
  • Automatic creation of FSM for containerized applications

Rich streaming behavioral data with minimal impact to your application

Alert dashboard for all the containerized applications


  • Comprehensive, continuous and realtime protection for containerized applications
  • A much better and reliable replacement for Web Application Firewalls (WAFs)
  • Deep learning based behavior anomaly detection and runtime tamper detection for containers give complete protection and detection
  • Could initially complement existing threat intelligence infrastructure but could easily replace it in the near future
  • Gives tremendous flexibility in deciding the container infrastructure and lifecycle management stack, due to no dependencies on either of them
  • Could be easily used for protecting containerized applications on embedded devices as well

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